Digital Surface Roughness Meter For Measuring Ra,Rz,Rq,Rt

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This surface roughness meter is a new intelligent nondestructive  instrument for measuring the surface roughness of metal and non-metal workpieces, which is suitable for measuring Ra,Rz,Rq,Rt of surface in the production site environment and mobile measurement requirement;


This surface roughness meter is a new intelligent nondestructive  instrument for measuring the surface roughness of metal and non-metal workpieces, which is suitable for the production site environment and mobile measurement requirement;

Calculate the corresponding parameters according to the selected measurement conditions, and display all measurement parameters and contour graphics on the display;

This surface roughness meter is suitable for the roughness measurement of various shape parts in the mechanical processing and manufacturing industry, inspection, commodity inspection and other departments;

The surface roughness meter conforms to international standards and is compatible with the standards of the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain and other industrial developed countries,and the measurement results can be displayed on the LCD in digital and graphic ways, and can also be output to the printer.


High precision, accurate to 0.001;

Suitable for various measurement requirements;

Reliable anti motor jamming circuit and program software design, greatly improving the service life;


  1. electromechanical integration design, small size, light weight and convenient use;
  2. DSP chip is used for control and data processing, with high speed and low power consumption;
  3. compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS and other national standards, it is used for measuringthe surface roughness of metal and non-metal processing;
  4. large range, four parameters RA, RZ, RQ, RT;

five point one two eight × 64 OLED dot matrix display, digital / graphic display; Highlight without angle of view;

  1. high speed DSP processor is used for data processing and calculation, which is faster and more accurate;
  2. reliable anti motor dead running circuit and software design;
  3. built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charging control circuit, with high capacity and no memory effect;
  4. the remaining power indicator icon shows the charging process, and the charging degree can be known at any time.
  5. continuous working time greater than 20 hours
  6. large capacity data storage, which can store 100 groups of original data and waveforms.
  7. real time clock setting and display to facilitate data recording and storage.
  8. power saving functions such as automatic sleep and automatic shutdown
  9. display measurement information, menu prompt information, error information, switch on and off and other prompt information;
  10. all metal shell design, firm, compact, portable and highly reliable.
  11. Chinese / English language selection;
  12. computer and printer can be connected;
  13. curved surface sensor, small hole sensor, measuring platform, sensor sheath, extension rod and other accessories can be selected.


  1. measurement parameters: RA, RZ, RQ, RT
  2. measurement range: RA, rq: 0.005 μ m ~16 μ m,S、Sm:1mm,tp:0~100%
  3. indication accuracy: 0.001
  4. indication error: ± (7-10)%
  5. indication variability: < 6%
  6. measurement profile: roughness, waviness, original profile
  7. figure: support ratio curve, roughness profile, direct profile
  8. filtering methods: RC, PCRC, Gauss and iso13565
  9. sampling length: 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm
  10. evaluation length: 1l~5l optional (L is the sampling length)
  11. driving stroke length: 17.5mm/0.7inch
  12. drive stroke length: 1.3mm/0.052inch
  13. internal storage capacity: 100 groups of original data
  14. external input / output interface: USB
  15. power supply: built in lithium ion rechargeable battery / external power adapter
  16. overall dimension: 141 × fifty-five × 40mm
  17. host weight: 400g

Sensor parameters:

  1. measurement principle: displacement differential inductance
  2. stylus: natural diamond, 90 cone angle, 5 μ M tip radius
  3. force measurement: < 4Mn
  4. guide head: hard alloy, sliding direction radius 40mm
  5. sliding speed: lr=0.25, vt=0.135mm/s

lr=0.8, vt=0.5mm/s

lr=2.5, vt=1mm/s

Return vt=1mm/s