Affordable Automatic Optical Contact Angle Meter For Sale

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The automatic optical contact angle tester is designed with modern technology,which adopts advanced special CMOS digital camera, equipped with high-resolution zoom microscope and high brightness LED background light system, and  a three-dimensional sample table.

It can move the workbench up and down, left and right, front and back,hence realizing micro injection and precise movement up, down, left and right. At the same time, since the telescopic rod structure worktable is designed, it can meet the occasions when the material thickness of different application.

The optical contact angle instrument frame can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the model, which expands the application range of the instrument. With the software correction function, it can save the results of multiple tests in the same report at the same time, allowing customer to better control the material data. The optical contact angle instrument has beautiful design, simple operation and meets the needs of customer,which is suitable for who measure contact angle in various industries.

Composition of automatic optical contact angle meter

  • Automatic rotating platform
  • Video capture card
  • CCD camera
  • Advanced zoom lens
  • Automatic electronic control temperature system
  • Automatic precise sampling
  • Automatic image analysis system
  • All electric three-dimensional platform


Touch screen application

The touch screen should be plasma clear to ensure the screen quality. The contact angle measurement can quantitatively evaluate whether the cleaning result is good, and can also test the impact of different processes on the cleaning.

Film, polymer applications

Thin film materials require a small hydrophobic range in many occasions, while the hydrophobic requires the use of contact angle instrument. The most common application is that the contact angle of mobile phone film after anti fingerprint treatment should be more than 110 °

Electronic materials:

The circuit board needs to go through a very complex and precise process, and we can evaluate the insulation treatment on the surface  by the contact angle instrument. The clear process of silicon chip is very critical to the product quality, and we can also evaluate the cleaning effect by contact angle.

Bionic materials, fiber textile applications

The surface modification of fiber textile products such as assault suits, diving suits and swimsuits has reached the required characteristics.

Paper printing, coating ink application

In papermaking and printing, coating ink is used to the matching of substrate and coating materials. The surface tension of coating ink and the surface free energy of substrate should achieve good wetting and adhesion well.

Metal materials:

In many application, metal materials need hydrophobic effect,while the metal itself is hydrophilic. So ,we can evaluate the metal modification by contact angle. The contact angle of metal materials for underwater operation is up to 158 ° after surface modification.

Medical applications:

Contact lenses are in contact with eyes and have good wettability with body fluids. If it is too hydrophilic, it will make the eyes feel dry. Therefore, contact angle measuring instrument is required.

Common blood collection vessels need to be drained. The hydrophobic properties of blood collection vessels after different processes can be evaluated by contact angle.

Technical parameters:

Measuring range of contact angle:0~180°

Contact angle test method: drop method

Worktable size:100*120mm

Up and down telescoping of workbench:30mm

Injector movement:100mm up and down, about 100mm

Sample size:100*80mm

Contact angle measurement accuracy:±0.1°

Contact angle analysis method:

Manual level measurement, manual slope measurement, width height measurement, manual tangent method

Table movement:50mm from top to bottom, about 50mm from front to back, 30mm from front to back

Table fixed plate movement:Front and back 150mm

Microscope movement:Front and rear 80mm (fine adjustment 3mm)

Overall dimensions:320*530*430mm