Digital Abbe Refractometer For Sugar Solution, Brix

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Digital Abbe refractometer for measuring the refractive index nd average dispersion (NF NC) of liquid or solid in sugar solution, i.e. Brix



The refractive index nD average dispersion (NF-NC) of liquids or solids and the mass fraction of dry solids in sugar aqueous solution, i.e. brix, this machine can be measured and analyzed in sugar making, pharmaceutical, beverage, petroleum, food, chemical industry production, scientific research and teaching departments.
This Abbe refractometer adopt visual aiming, digital display reading, and carry out temperature correction when measuring the hammerness. The digital Abbe refractometer has standard print interface, which can print data directly.
The refractive index is one of the important optical constants of substances. Based on this, we can know the optical properties and purity of substances. The instrument can determine the mass fraction Brix (0-95%, equivalent to the refractive index of 1.33-1.5331) of sugar concentrate.
Refractive index nd:1.3000 ~ 1.7000 Brix 0 ~ 95%
Accuracy: refractive index nd ± 0.0002 Brix ± 0.1%
Temperature display range (minimum indication 0.1 ℃): 0 ~ 50 ℃
Mass: 10kg
Outline: 330mm × 180mm × 380mm