Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain:How to Buy Best One 2020

People with back pain always want to find a good way to relieve it,there are many electric massagers for back pain on the market,which is best for lower back pain?The important thing for who suffer lower back pain is how to find the best device ?

In this article, you’ll find the pros and cons of deep tissue massage guns, and know if these powerful muscle massagers are helpful for all back pain conditions, and the best muscle massage guns for back pain relief.

Is a massage gun safe?

The correct use of the massage gun will be safe and have good benefits, but the incorrect use of the massage gun can cause damage to the body. For example, if the massage gun is used in the joints,it is easy to cause joint damage,it is also not suitable for the neck, chest and abdomen,armpits and other parts with thin, sensitive muscle walls and concentrated internal organs. It is enough to use the massage gun in the same part for 5-10 minutes, it will cause discomfort if used for a long time.

Are massage guns good for back pain?

If you use incorrect posture to work for a long time or injury caused by other reason is not effective treated in time,these may cause low back pain,a massage gun can help muscle and soft tissue recovery, promote blood circulation to relieve low back pain.However,you should correctly use the massage gun to avoid additional damage.if it is serious, we recommend you seek professional doctor help.

Are massage guns safe for low back Inflammation?

If you suffer from an inflamed lower back, you had better not use a muscle massage gun, or use cautiously if you have any of these conditions:

  • Bursitis
  • Fasciitis
  • Tendonitis

Also, We also advise pregnant women not to use massage guns.

Massage gun Pros & Cons

Here’s show you pros & cons of massage gun:


  • A certain partial weight loss effect
  • Relaxing muscles,accelerating blood circulation,dredging collaterals without professional and technical help.
  • High-frequency vibration  can penetrate deep muscles, relax muscles instantly
  • Avoid contact skin diseases.
  • Reducing the accumulation of lactic acid after workout.


  • The adjustment frequency and intensity of massage gun is not as accurate as hand massage
  • Massage gun can not be done in many massage method what hand massage have.
  • May cause additional injuries if not used properly or overused
  • Is not fit for who with low pain tolerance
  • Relatively high price

The Top muscle massage guns for back pain

If you are looking for a massage gun for back pain,in order to save your time and money,quickly found the right one,you can review the following option.

Mini muscle massage gun

mini massage gun for lower back pain

Best for –muscle soreness, preventing pain after exercise, muscle recovery.

Mini massage gun is a small size and portable massage gun,this lightweight yet powerful massage gun is a good starter massager for who have limitation budget and like the benefits from  massage gun.


Because the cheap price than most deep tissue massage gun,but also have complete function with four vibration switch available and four massage head for a variety of releasing fatigue and relieving soreness and back pain relief.

Plus, it’s completely portable and is perfect to use at work or travel.

Key Feature

  • Small size but strong vibration
  • Four massage heads available
  • Four vibration switch available
  • AI intelligent control chip
  • Shock absorption,no numbness
  • USB charging

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Pro deep tissue massage gun

massage gun for back pain

Best for-muscle recovery after exercise,back muscle injuries,deep tissue, sciatica and chronic back pain.

New generation deep muscle tissue massage gun adopts smart chip,high quality brushless motor,environmental protection lithium battery,four professional massage head available and 20 switch adjustment can be adjusted to any level of tolerance you are willing.,making you full body massage more easily.

This 100% portable high-quality massage gun is quiet (less than 60 db at the highest speed) and the rechargeable battery lasts for 8 hours after a single charge.

Key Features of deep muscle massage gun

  • Smart chip
  • 20-speed LCD touch adjustment
  • 8 hours battery capacity
  • Brushless noise reduction motor
  • 4 professional massage heads
  • High frequency Deep Muscle Massage

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How to use a massage gun for back pain?

Massage gun for erector spinae/sacrospinalis

erector spinae

The erector spinae muscles grow from the back of the lower pelvis along the spine to the back of the head.When massaging the erector spinae, we should use U-shaped massage head of massage gun. The U-shaped massage head perfectly avoid the spinous processes of the spine and massage the muscles on both sides of the spine.

Turn on the massage gun with U-shaped massage head to the second switch, first slide down the spine with your hand, find the force point of the massage gun, and then massage by massage gun.

The general massage time for erector spinae muscles is within about 3 minutes per group.

Massage gun for latissimus dorsi

latissimus dorsi

The latissimus dorsi is located on the outer side of the back. it grows from the thoracic spine and lumbar spine to the back of the pelvis, and the muscle fibers follow the side of the body to the front of the shoulder joint. The latissimus dorsi is the largest sector area of the body.

Since most people’s latissimus dorsi is relatively thin and directly touches the ribs through the muscles, when massing the latissimus dorsi with a massage gun, you had better not use excessively strong amplitude and sharp massage heads, so choosing a relatively elasticity massage head.

When massaging the latissimus dorsi, we first start from the thoracic spine and gradually go to the position of the shoulder joints outside the body to comb. Then start again, this time moving the starting point down a little bit. Because the entire area of the latissimus dorsi is large, the entire muscle fibers need to massage evenly.

If there are painful points when massaging the latissimus dorsi, you can stop and massage the painful area for about 30 seconds.

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Other electric massager for back pain

If you can not fit the powerful impact of massage gun,but also want to find a gently massager for back pain,you also can follow these option.

  • Handheld massager

A good handheld massager is the ease to treat your muscles in whatever way you want.

  • Electric back massager

A back massager works on the back muscles by accelerating blood flow to the entire area, from upper to the lower portion. It promotes healing and reduces soreness by treating soft tissue injury or physical activity.

  • Massage cushions

The multi-function massage cushion has 9 groups of motors for fixed-point massage,and multi-part simultaneous massage. It can be used to massage and relax the neck and shoulders, waist, buttocks and other parts.

  • Massage chair

The massage chair uses mechanical rolling and extruding force to massage. It simulates artificial massage, which can dredge the meridians, accelerate blood circulation, relieve back pain,and maintain the balance of body. So after massage, you can feel the muscles relax, the joints flexible, and eliminating fatigue.

Massage gun FAQs

Q:Can i use massage gun for the cervical spine?

Massage gun is mainly used to relax the muscles and relieve muscle discomfort,because the strong force, it is not suitable for the cervical spine, including: the head, spine and other parts with a large number of nerves and blood vessels. If do it, Not only does not relieve the symptoms of discomfort, but may also cause harm to the body. Therefore, the massage gun cannot be used for the cervical spine.

Q:Can I use massage gun for the belly?

Not recommend. The belly is also the abdominal cavity. There is no bone here, and the muscle is relatively thin. In addition, the abdominal cavity is the part of the body where the internal organs concentrated. Using the massage gun may cause  discomfort due to excessive impact on the internal organs.

Q:Can I use a massage gun if I don’t workout?

The massage gun can relax the fascia and relieve the stiffness of the muscles. If sitting and working for a long time cause muscle stiffness, you can use the massage gun to relax,it is similar to that of a massager. But if you don’t workout,we recommended to buy a electric massager.


If you are suffering low back pain, we advice that you should avoid excessive movement of the waist, sleep on a hard bed, and prevent standing and sitting for a long time. Keep your waist warm and avoid getting cold,using a high-frequency vibration massage gun for back pain can increase tissue blood flow and relax muscles,improve muscle soreness.

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