How to Bulk Buy Massage Guns from China

At the start of the 21st century, the world looked towards China as an emerging economic super power. Well, the time is here, China is no longer an ‘emerging’ economic power it has finally achieved that status. There are other currencies out there that are stronger than the Yuan but China has trade relations with almost all countries in the world. Due to its large population and cheap somewhat cheap labor, many companies all over the world tend to purchase things from Chinese manufactures. This has made China a great economic power. Now whenever a company or even a country, wants to buy something in bulk at the most reasonable price, they look towards China.

China’s total trade in goods is 12.4% of the total global trade. This is due to the fact that almost all types of small and large scale products are manufactures in China. Whether you are looking for a medical supplies, mobile phones or even massage guns, you can get them from China at a very reasonable price.

What Type of Massage Guns Can I Get From China

As mentioned earlier, China manufactures a range of different items. So you can get all kinds of massage guns from Chinese manufactures. Whether you are looking for low quality and inexpensive massage guns, or you are looking to get high quality massage guns with a range of different features you can find them all in China.

One of the best things about purchasing from Chinese manufacturers is the extensive range you can find in the price and quality.

Can You Get Massage Guns Shipped From China To Anywhere In The World?

As China has trade relations with almost al countries in the world, it is not difficult to get massage guns shipped to your desired location. The rules and customs regulations may be different for different countries but generally speaking it’s not that hard to order bulk massage guns from China to your location. Millions of products are shipped from China to the rest of the world every day, so there is already a very good setup in place.

So How Can You Bulk Buy Massage Guns from China

Businesses all over the world buy massage guns from China, so the competition is really tough. If you are looking to purchase massage guns in bulk from China then you have to do your homework. Let’s check out some points that you have to keep in mind when looking to purchase massage guns in bulk from China.

Do Your Homework and Know the Paper Work

Before starting any type of business, the first thing you should do is educate yourself about the market and not just the retail market but all the wholesale side of the business as well. You need to understand your suppliers as much as you need to understand your customers. Things can get a little tricky if you are planning to import the good (in this case: massage guns) from another country like China.

Not only do you have to perform a detailed research on the hundreds of different manufacturers and suppliers in China, you also have to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations of China and your home country. You need to understand how customs work, you should know custom regulations of both countries and you should have a grip on paperwork for the trade as well. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to understand all the paperwork, you can hire lawyers and agents to carry out the paperwork for you. In fact, it is ideal to hire an expert at the beginning of your venture however you have to keep learning yourself as well. This will help you reduce cost by eliminating the agent from the trade process in the future. So try to familiarize yourself with the paperwork. You should also keep in mind the currency rate of Chinese Yuan compared to your country’s currency.

Choose a Vendor

Choosing a Chinese vendor for buying massage guns in bulk can be a very tricky task. You can find hundreds and thousands of massage gun vendors in China. There are two ways to bulk buy massage guns from China. The first one is through a Chinese agent and the second one is through china bases wholesale and retail websites like Alibaba. If you search for wholesale massage gun vendors in China, hundreds of different ecommerce websites would open. You can then compare the different websites based on the features like quantity you can order, the price offered, days of delivery and other similar factors.

People from all over the world use websites like Alibaba to order bulk products from China. There are however certain downsides of buying items from such websites. The delivery days may vary and you might not even get your delivery on time. Second downside to this is that you may never know about the quality of the products. So a preferred option is to go with the first option of hiring a Chinese agent. The agent will work as your representative in China and he/she will take care of all the aspects of the trade from the Chinese side. In return the agent will charge some commission from you. A good Chinese agent is imperative for the success of your business. They can help you find the best quality massage guns in China. It is ideal to first visit China a couple of times so that you can develop a sense of trust and relationship with the agent there. You both have to be on the same page and you have to understand that the more work you guys do the better the profit for all parties involved.

Ask For a Sample

If you are dealing directly with the vendor or through an agent, it is important to ask for a sample from the vendor. The sample will give you an idea about the products and it will help you make a more educated decision about the massage guns you want to import to your country. There are many websites that also let you try out a sample before you can order in bulk. Sometimes ordering a sample may also cost you some money. This usually happens if the product is of high value.

Order a Reasonable Quantity

One of the biggest mistakes people make when ordering in bulk from China is that they think the more they order, the less it will cost. However that is not the case. Not only will it increase the custom duty, it will also add to your operational and inventory cost. Not everything sells right away so it is important for you to only order a specific amount of products. You should study the market and understand how many massage guns would you be able to sell without adding to the cost. Hypothetically speaking, if you feel like you can sell 10 in a given period then try to order in the range of 10 to 12. Never go overboard with the quantity.

Know That There Are Scams

Like everywhere else in the world, there are many scam vendors in China as well. This is why hiring a Chinese agent is imperative. Sometimes you may not even get the same quality products as the sample. So your agent will help you mitigate such risks. However you should also perform a good level of research on your end as well. You should understand that the world has globalized, and you face tough competition from similar companies from all over the world. So you have to be very careful of not falling trap to any of the scams out there. A scam may even run you out of business in this competitive market. One important thing to ignore is the brands. You can find many knock off brands in China with somewhat similar names to that of other multinational companies. You can even find low quality brands copying larger well known Chinese brands. Some of the knock offs are very clever especially in the textile sectors. Just search for cheap knock offs in China and you will see Adadis being sold as Adidas. So if you are looking to bulk buy massage guns from China, make sure you have the right brand. You don’t need a known off brand to sell your massage guns. You just need to buy the massage guns and market them well. Improving your brand image can also help you sell such products quicker and more efficiently.

At the end, you should plan and calculate the total money you’d need for the trade including the custom duties. It is very important to have backup plan in case anything goes wrong. You may face a lot of hurdles when you are in the early stages of bulk buying massage guns from China, but once you get a hold of it, it wouldn’t seem that difficult in the long run. Overtime you would develop a good relationship with your agents in China, you will become more experienced and you will understand how the market works which will make it easy for you to bulk buy massage guns from China.

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